[ From Butch Ross ] Southern Steam Tour 2022 - and introducing the Chattanooguys.

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Wed Sep 28 21:16:11 EDT 2022

The Chattanooguys - Southern Steam Tour! - 2022

THUR. SEPT 29 - 6PM - Tour Kickoff Show!!!
Puckett's Grocery Chattanooga, TN - 6pm

FRI. SEPT 30 - 6PM
Back Forty Brewery, Gadsden, AL

SAT. Oct 1- 7PM
Satori Coffee House, Mobile, AL,

SUN. Oct 2 - 11AM (Brunch)
Renaissance Hotel, New Orleans, LA (French Qtr)
You heard me, brunch in NOLA!

TUE. Oct 4 - 7:30pm
Phil Brady's Baton Rouge, LA

WED. Oct 5 - 6PM
Lon solo @ the Renaissance Hotel Baton Rouge, LA

WED. Oct 5 - 7:30
Butch solo @ the IceHouse, Baton Rouge, LA

WED. Oct 5 - 7PM
Richard w/ Dustin Gaspard, Rock n Bowl Lafayette, LA

THUR. Oct 6 - 7PM
Howlin' Wolf New Orleans, LA  - $5 cover

FRI. Oct 7 - 7PM
Jack's on the Tracks, Pascagoula, MS,

SAT. Oct 8 - 8PM
Downtown Grill & Grocery, Hattiesburgh, MS

SUN. Oct 9 - 11AM (brunch)
Lon @ Blu Jazz Hattiesburgh, MS for brunch

SUN. Oct 9 - 11AM
Richard and Butch @ Hattiesburgers, Hattiesburgh, MS for Brunch

First let me address the elephant in the room. TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE
CHATTANOOGA. That said, pray for everyone in its path, there are a lot of
folks I love in the dulcimer community that are looking straight down the
barrel of it. So Chris, Phil, Laurie, Bing, Jae and everyone else… you
prolly won’t see this, but you’re in my thoughts.

Now let me address the slightly smaller Elephant…who the heck are the

The Chattanooguys consist of me, blues musician Lon Eldridge and John
Prine-ish songwriter Richard Daigle. We’re going out on the road as a
collective. Meaning, sometimes we’ll play together, solo, or in the round,
you name it. It’ll be a fun show with a lot of variety. Here’s a bit more
on these guys.

Richard Daigle: Born in New Orleans, took up songwriting when he retired
from his job as a journalist. He loves John Prine and his songs share that
same homespun friendliness and folksy storytelling that made Prine so
great. That is not to say he SOUNDS like John Prine, or that his music is
derivative. But if you like Prine you’ll like Richard Daigle.

Lon Eldridge: I don’t understand-at all-why this guy isn’t famous. Maybe
it’s because he looks and sounds like he walked out of Clarksville MS
during the depression. From gut-bucket Robert Johnson-style blues to tin
pan alley songs of his own creation, Lon sings and plays like a master
musician from another era. And every note drips soul.

I know this tour is all through the deep south, and not a lot of you on
this list live down there. But if you do come check us out. OR if you know
someone down there who would dig it. Let them know. For all three of us, we
are playing these places for the first time, and we need to let everybody

C-ya out there.


"Now I know what a dulcimer is supposed to sound like" —Jake Shimabukuro

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