[ From Butch Ross ] Beatles workshop this weekend and Q5 registration ends this weekend.

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Wed Sep 29 19:33:34 EDT 2021

Hey gang:

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you that registration for
QuaranTUNE Festival 5.0 ends this coming Saturday at 8pm.
Still plenty of seats left in all of my (and indeed everyone else's)
classes. I've re-listed them below my signature.

BUT ALSO this weekend I'll be teaching a Beatles workshop. Specifically,
the song "In My Life." I played this a few weeks ago when I was a special
guest at the Saturday online jam hosted by Pat Clark and "send in the
music" (BTW if you haven't checked it out, you should, it's very cool).
Anyway I mentioned that I had the tab if anyone was interested and the
response surprised me. So I decided that this weekend I would do a workshop
on it.

That will be THIS SUNDAY, Oct. 3rd at 2:30pm EST.

We'll spend an hour or so working on the song, plus an extra 15 minutes or
so at the end, going over the harpsichord solo. That is if you're brave and
crazy enough to stick around. The workshop will be $10.

If you're interested, here's how you register. First DO NOT REPLY TO THIS
EMAIL. Instead, send an email to butch at butchross.com with "in my life" in
the subject line. Then, probably Friday, I'll send you the tab, the zoom
link and how you can go about paying for the workshop. It will be low key
and fun. Hope you can make it.

C-ya in here. (And don't forget the Quarnatune 5.0 workshops below!)


"Now I know what a dulcimer is supposed to sound like" —Jake Shimabukuro

*"O, Shenandoah, I Long To Play Thee"* - Level 2; Fri. Session 3
Learn to play this beautiful song in the simplest chord melody version
possible. We'll explore alternate, but easy, chord voicings. Various
fingering techniques, and using lyrics to aid in the counting of rhythms.
This song is trickier than it looks, but using these techniques you master
it in no time.


*Intro To Fingerpicking* - Level 2; Fri. Session 4

There’s more to playing the Uke than just strumming and singing (although
that’s fun too). Learn to get all ten fingers (well, really eight) working
together to bring the Ukulele to life.


*Great Is Thy Faithfulness* - Level 4; Fri. Session 7 BRAND NEW

Learn this great, but challenging hymn. In addition, we’ll discuss how to
create arrangements from standard sheet music, researching multiple
versions to create your own and even how to play chords that don’t seem
like they should be available on the dulcimer.


**Playing With Pick And Fingers** - Level 3; Fri. Session 8 HAVEN'T TAUGHT

Learn to switch from fingerpicking to strumming (and back again) as well as
embellishments and surprising syncopations with this fun and simple


**Intro to Drone-Noter Style Dulcimer Playing** - Level 1; Sat. Session 1

We'll explore the techniques & history of drone-noter style playing, with
an emphasis on right hand technique. This style was played for decades–
maybe centuries– before Jean Richie took the dulcimer out of the mountains
& made it famous. This class offers valuable insight into not only the
history of the dulcimer, but the inherent musicality of our instrument. A
perfect way for beginners to start making music right away.


**Skipping The Third Beat**  - Level 3; Sat. Session 4 BRAND NEW!

What’s the secret to playing island music, jazz and even rock-n-roll? They
all skip the third beat. It’s perhaps the trickiest thing you can do
rhythmically, but I know some shortcuts that will get you playing those
beats in no time.


**Intro to Chord-Melody Uke** - Level 2; Sat. Session 6 NEW(ISH)

Chord-melody Uke is a style of playing that lets one person sound like a
full band. It’s not as hard as you might think, and there’s a secret to
being successful at it. Come learn the tricks of the trade.


**If You Like One Tune, You'll Like 'Em Both** - Level 3; Sat. Session 8 NOT

Learn to recognize recurring patterns in old-time tunes and use them to
help you quickly learn new tunes.


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