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Tue Nov 9 08:58:37 EST 2021

I know, I know. They don't call it that anymore. It's the NGFDA Online Fall
Fest 2021.

But whatever they call it, it doesn't matter. It's GREAT, it's again
virtual and there's still time to sign up.
with 48 instructors over three days there's literally something for

Registration is open until Thursday Night. What I'll be teaching is listed
below my signature.

C-ya out there (or rather IN HERE)



Thursday: 2nd Session

*Show Off! *- Level 4

Description: Learn to make unusual, offbeat and fun sound on the dulcimer.
In short stuff that sounds cool! Learn string bending, natural and
artificial harmonics, Two-hand tapping, slapping, hammer-ons, pull-offs and
using the dulcimer as a drum.

Thursday: 4th Session

T*he Songs of Tom Lehrer* - Level 4

Description: The amazing Tom Lehrer has just put all of his hilarious,
amazing songs into the public domain. Come learn some great (and
surprisingly challenging) tunes.

Thursday: 6th Session

*Twist and Shout the La Bamba with Tom Petty, the Joker and the Angel of
the Morning. *- Level 2 THIS IS A BRAND NEW WORKSHOP

5 tunes, 1 chord progression

Thursday: 8th Session

*Just 5 notes* - Level 2

Description: There are a ton of tunes with just 5 notes (as opposed to 8)
but more importantly with these five you can play just about anything with
just about anybody.


Friday: 2nd Session

*Let There Be Peace On Earth * - Level 5

Description: This song is in DAD tuning but played in the key of C. A 1.5
fret is required and there are some big-ish stretches, but it's a great
opportunity to see your instrument in a new light.

Friday: 4th Session

*Ukulele Blues * - Level 2

Description: Learn the chord progressions, songs and techniques you'll need
to make the happiest instrument on the planet sing the saddest blues
(low-down heartbreaking snake-in-the-grass not included).

Friday: 6th Session

*O, Shenandoah, I long to play thee*  - Level 2

Learn to play this beautiful song in the simplest chord melody version
possible. We'll explore alternate, but easy, chord voicings. Various
fingering techniques, and using lyrics to aid in the counting of rhythms.
This song is trickier than it looks, but using these techniques you master
it in no time.

Friday: 8th Session

*From Tune To Arrangement *- Level 3

Learn how a few simple embellishments, and a minor mental adjustment can
turn "tunes" into compelling and "arrangements." Make fiddle tunes fun or
breathe new life into old chestnuts.

Saturday: 2nd Session


Saturday: 2nd Session

*Skipping The Third Beat *- Level 2  THIS IS A BRAND NEW WORKSHOP

For whatever reason, skipping the third beat of a strumming pattern is a
challenge for both beginners and advanced players alike. And yet it's
essential for playing island music, show tunes and even rock-n- roll. We'll
look at some ways to tame this elusive beast and make you a better strummer

Saturday: 4th Session

*How to play the right wrong chords* - Level 3 THIS IS A BRAND NEW WORKSHOP

Learn chord substitutions and the theory behind them (don’t worry, it’s not
that hard) to breathe new life and create interesting variations of songs
you’ve played forever.

Saturday: 6th Session

*Throw A Wrench In There* - Level 3

Learn how to properly, and cooly, mess up a tune; extra notes, early beats,
learn where and when to add embellishments and "fancy" notes. Play a fiddle
tune like a fiddler would.


*Songs Of The 60s* - Level 3

They say if you remember the 60s you weren't there. That's ok though, we'll
have the tab. Some singing, some chord melody, all fun. Bring a capo

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