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Tue Jan 12 22:20:52 EST 2021

QuaranTUNE 3.0
Registration opens TOMORROW!
7pm EST
All classes just $10

Ain't it funny how time just slips away.....
Don't mean to blow up your inbox so much this week. But coming up quicker
than you think is the Quarantine Dulcimer festival 3.! Pretty much anyone
you can think of, and a few you don't know (but should) will be there.

Registration starts at 7pm Eastern Standard Time. I'm repeating that time
again because if you've attended these before you'll know THEY SELL OUT
FAST! With classes capped at just 30 people, it doesn't take long. Full
schedules, how to sign up and other important information are here:

A lot of my offerings this time around a BRAND NEW and the others I haven't
taught much or in a while.
Here's what I'll be teaching...

Friday, Session 2 - Almost Crooked Tunes
Crooked tunes are a fun part of old-time music, but can be tricky to play
(that's part of what makes 'em fun) These tunes aren't really crooked, but
ain't quite "square" either.

Friday, Session 3 - Doo-Wop and Boogie Woogie
...or like every rock-n-roll song from the 50’s, which can be made out of
two basic chord progressions.

Friday, Session 5 - Rhythms Beyond 4/4
Like the title says, an exploration of jigs, hornpipes and more. Even some
odd times as well.

Friday, Session 6 - Just 5 notes
Five simple notes that seem to be in every song. Let this be your launching
pad for learning new tunes.

Friday, Session 8 - Throw A Wrench In There
Learn how to properly, and cooly, mess up a tune; extra notes, early beats,
quotes and more. Learn where and when to add embellishments and “fancy”
notes. Play a fiddle tune like a fiddler would. THIS IS A NEW CLASS

Friday, Session 8 - From Cabbage to Cab Calloway
If you know a little music theory, you know that MOST of the time you can
get away with knowing just three major chords (all of which occur in Boil
Dem Cabbage). But did you know that you can also substitute chords? and
that there are rules to doing so? And that exploring them will also give
you an impromptu history of pop music in the 20th century? You will. THIS

Saturday, Session 2 - The Songs of Tom Lehrer
Tom Lehrer, now 90-something, has decided to put his brilliant songs in the
public domain. Meaning you and I have the chance to learn his funny,
twisted tunes. Songs like “the Vatican Rag”, “The Old Dope Peddler” and
“Poisoning Pigeons in the Park”
Altho' this is listed as a dulcimer class, It's just strum and sing...so
really all instruments. THIS IS A NEW CLASS

Saturday, Session 4 - Blues for Ukulele
Learn the basic form(s) of the Blues, some hot licks and some cool tunes.

Saturday, Session 6 - Pinkies and Thumbs
I almost never use my thumb or my pinky, but when I do I REALLY need it.
Learn to navigate all 5 digits

Saturday, Session 7 - Musical Hiccups
Phrases in tunes that have slight syncopations, often due to lyrics. So how
to go from "bah bah bah bah" to "badup buh-ba ba bada"

So that's it. Like everyone else 2020 was a very challenging year for me,
but one that was surmountable thanks to things like the QuaranTUNE
festivals and concerts and of course YOU. It's 2021 and we ain't out of the
woods yet, so I am eternally grateful to Jess and Co. for putting this

Remember, sign up is WEDNESDAY (probably today for most of you reading
this) at 7pm Eastern Standard Time. A little late in the day maybe, but
trust me, it won't take long.

C-ya in here.


"Now I know what a dulcimer is supposed to sound like" —Jake Shimabukuro

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