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Fri Oct 2 14:09:34 EDT 2020

So this is usually the email where I begin by saying that "fall has fallen"
and I'm enjoying the cooler temperatures. But, like you, I haven't really
left the house all summer, so what would I be talking about? I was as
bummed as you to hear about the Black Mountain festival cancelling, I love
that location and that festival especially at that time of the year. But I
want to applaud Chuck for taking the chance on life returning to normal and
attempting a real-life event. We'll do it next year. Promise.

So we're strapped (but not trapped) into our houses for a bit longer. But
if we're being honest, "fall has fallen" and we would normally be getting
ready to be hunker down anyway (or to make our annual pilgrimage to
Florida). But there are a couple more online festivals coming up that I'm
really excited about, and wanted to remind you of them.

*The New Mexico Dulcimer Festival - Oct. 17th*My first memory is of
standing on a picnic table in our backyard in New Mexico watching a
brilliant sunset as my dad sang "hear the wind blow" to me. I think that's
when orange became my favorite color, I KNOW it's the moment I became a
musician. So I was excited to be invited there in 2018 and this was far
before I learned what an amazing job Scott and Irma and their volunteers
do. It really is the little engine that could.

This year I'll be joined (virtually) by Lance Frodsham, Joshua Messick,
Katie Moritz, Karen Alley and of course Scott & Irma Reeder.

Because I've done a lot of online festivals this year--and because anyone
can go to any festival ever now--all of the workshops I'll be teaching will
be either brand new or classes I've only ever taught once or twice. Just to
shake it up a little bit.

In tribute, I may make a point of only eating Mexican food that weekend.
But I know right now, without access to those green chilies, it won't be
the same.

The schedule is here https://www.nmdulcfest.com/pdfs/2020.nmdf.schedule.pdf
The page to register online is here https://www.nmdulcfest.com/register.html

and then there will also be an online concert as well.

Registration closes October 8

*2020 VIRTUAL 32ND ANNUAL NGFDA FALL FESTIVAL - Nov. 19 - 21, 2020*Next to
seeing old friends in the flesh, the best part of a dulcimer festival is
getting to test drive new dulcimers. And no festival was better for that
than Unicoi. I have a long history with this festival and am always
thrilled and honored to be asked to be a part of it. It too is online this
year. And I will be teaching a mix of new and old topics. Any repertoire
classes that I've taught earlier this year (songs of the 60's, 70's etc)
will have new tunes. And there are a couple of classes I've only taught a
few times before...if at all.

Registration closes the first week of November

and finally...

*The QuaranTUNE Christmas Concert - December 20, 21, and 22*Something like
45 dulcimer folk performing over three evenings (and one afternoon) of
concerts. There'll be more on this one down the road, so save the date.

I have to say of all of the adjustments we've had to make in the wake of
this pandemic, concerts may actually be the part that's transitioned best.
I mean I miss jamming with friends, looking out at a crowd of (mostly)
interested faces, and hearing people laugh at my truly stupid jokes. But
the online concerts I've seen and been a part of have been surprisingly
more entertaining than I would have thought they could be. Even the
concerts of the first QDF (which had the most technical issues) were still
largely very entertaining. Plus, you can watch the concert in your PJs
while eating microwave popcorn. Can't do that at a regular concert (trust
me on this one).


Once again Bandcamp is forgoing their fees on all music sales TODAY ONLY.
All my records are there available as high-quality downloads (not mp3s,
unless that's what you want). All my albums start at $7 but are "pay what
you want" (meaning more if you want to) plus any download of a FULL album
comes with extra tracks: demos, unreleased things etc. So if you're missing
any Butch Ross music, TODAY is a good day to get it. butchross.bandcamp.com

Okay, really. That's it for now. Wear a mask, wash your hands, call old
friends, and VOTE!

C-ya in here.


"Now I know what a dulcimer is supposed to sound like" —Jake Shimabukuro

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