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Tue Jul 10 09:26:53 EDT 2018

THIS WEEKEND July 13 - 14
Dutchland Dulcimer Gathering - IV
St. Thomas Episcopal Church
St. Thomas Road
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
with Dave Haas, Bing Futch Nina Zanetti, Judy House Atwater/Donelly and
Rich Carty

Tuesday, July 17
Bloomington Songwriters Showcase
Bear's Ale House & Eatery,
1316 E 3rd St
Bloomington, Indiana
with Chris Wolff and Angela White
Truth be told, I can't even remember how I first got involved with these
folks, but they're a great bunch. Always a good time.

The big one! July 19-21
OPDC FunFest
Evart, MI
with... well just about everybody.
Evart is big and awesome and just $15!

Then it's off to.
Mountain Music School - July 23-27
Mountain Empire Community College
Big Stone Gap, VA

Well, I guess this happens every year. I feel like I haven't done much of
anything and then I look back and realize that 2018 has been action-packed.
If you follow me on Facebook tho' (and you should), you already know that
there has been a lot going on. Most of what you may know about is the
personal stuff. But in addition to getting married and all the good things
that come with that. I've been also working on the following: Recording
singer/songwriter Ryan Oyer's forthcoming album as well as classical
guitarist Hara Paper. For myself, I've been working on an all Ukulele
Album, as well as a Ukulele instruction book. Tab books for both the most
recent album (Found Objects) and a book of dulcimer arrangements of songs
from the 70's are also in the pipeline. As they say, there are not enough
hours in the day.

But in the middle of this comes the big summer tour. And while I hate open
holes in the schedule, there really aren't any, given the distances between
events. Lancaster, Evart, Mountain Music and the Bloomington Songwriters
Night are all great events that I'm lucky to be a part of. I'm really
looking forward to it. And in between I'll sneak in visits to my folks and
friends that I haven't seen in a while.

I heartily endorse everything I'm about to do. So if one of these events is
happening close to you, you should totally go.

C-ya out there.


"Now I know what a dulcimer is supposed to sound like" —Jake Shimabukuro

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