[ From Butch Ross ] Workshops and a concert at the Pickin' Porch in Townsend, TN this weekend

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Tue Aug 22 13:59:09 EDT 2017

*Saturday, August 26 - 7pm*
*The Pickin' Porch*
at the Wood-n-Strings Dulcimer Shop
7645 E Lamar Alexander Pkwy, Townsend, TN 37882
(865) 448-6647

Boy, did I pick the wrong day to take an afternoon nap! Just kidding. I,
like everyone else in America was standing outside with goofy glasses
staring directly at the sun. Trish and I and some friends from Philly went
up to Crossville, TN to watch the eclipse with our friends Tommy and Nancy
Adams. Chattanooga "only" had 99.9% coverage and Crossville had 100%. The
difference was subtle but you really could look directly at the sun in
Crossville. Nobody told me how creepy it would be. I've seen eclipses on tv
dozens of times, but until your standing underneath it and see how weirdly
blue the sky gets and how COLD! I totally get now why ancient and primitive
cultures could freak out about that. In fact, I bet that's why Stonehenge
got built; in an attempt to make sure THAT never happened again.

By the way, I found out too late that I could have also watched the eclipse
from Carhenge! D'oh!

Anyway, I think (think) I'm recovered from my summer of touring. I had
great, great times and a ton of profound musical experiences I'm still

I'll be back at the Picking Porch in Townsend, TN performing that night at
7pm and teaching a day full of four workshops. Three for the dulcimer and a
Ukulele one. I'm looking forward to it, it's been too, too long since I
played up there.  Here's the schedule:

*It’s all Cabbage, really.* Novice and up.
Say what you want about “Boil Dem Cabbage” (and I could say plenty), but it
really is the Rosetta Stone of traditional music. Learn how much harmonic
information is contained in this simple song and how you can use it to help
learn new songs quickly.

*Rhythms Beyond 4/4* - *intermediate and up.*
A fun look at time signatures beyond Common Time. Waltz, Jigs, Syncopation
and even odd-time signatures will be explored.

*12:15 - 1:30 lunch*

*Arranging for Clubs* - *All Levels Encouraged*
Chances are not everyone in your club is at the same playing level. Using
well-known tunes we'll learn how to create parts that are interesting and
fun for everybody, no matter what their skill level. You do not have to be
from the same club to take this class.

*2:45Ukulele Workshop -- Insanely useful chord progressions. *all levels
Learn common chord progressions from songbooks like "The Daily Ukulele" and
understand the underlying harmonic concepts behind songs like like "5'2",
Eyes of Blue" and "Alice's Restaurant." Knowing these can help you learn
new songs quicker and better.

Prices are $25 for one class; $40 for two; $55 for three or $60 for the
whole day.

Hope you had a great summer, a great eclipse and that you can make it out
Saturday (if you live in the area of course).

C-ya out there.


"Now I know what a dulcimer is supposed to sound like" —Jake Shimabukuro

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