[ From Butch Ross ] LA and Texas shows and workshops this weekend.

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Tue Nov 8 11:03:22 EST 2016

Friday, Nov. 11, 7pm
$10 suggested donation.
Baton Rouge, LA
House Concert at the home of Hellen Bankston
Contact Helen to RSVP: hmbakston at cox.net
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Saturday, Nov. 12th, 7pm - Free
Texas Loopfest
J&O's Cantina
1014 S. Presa
San Antonio, TX 78210
one of many acts that night, I play first.

Sunday, Nov 12, 8pm - free (tips)
Loopfest part 2
314 N Main St Houston, TX 77002
with The Winkler and the Hare
and Xandra Wong

Monday, Nov 14th - 1:30pm
$20 per person
Dulcimer Workshop and Concert
Farmers Branch Senior Center
14055 Dennis Ln
Farmers Branch, TX 75234
Contact Donna Shelton to RSVP: dshel59 at sbcglobal.net

It only occurs to me as I write this that this is my first proper Texas
tour and my first musical visit to the Lone Star state since I taught at
the Winter Festival of Acoustic Music in 2008. I did once drive across
Texas but I didn't see much, we did it in one day.

Looping is that thing I do where I record one piece of music and then play
and record other pieces on top of it (think of how I play "sweet spotted
pony" live). But there are other people who are really good at it, and
they'll be at the Texas Loopfest this weekend. Some of these guys are
old-school, building loops and working with tape delays like Robbert Fripp
did in the 70's and 80's with his whole "frippertonics" thing. It's a cool
bunch to be associated with, and I'm thankful to have been asked. That
said, I'mm the only guy playing traditional music and one of the very few
using a traditional instrument. I'm really digging the fact that in the
midst of all these ambient freakout bands that are playing my stuff is
gonna sound like it came from the moon...and yet has a catchy beat you can
dance to.

Then we continue the party one more day over in Houston where I'll be
playing with fellow Loopers The Winkler and Xandra Wong. Not sure exactly
how this is gonna go down, but the show starts at 8.

Something else that came to light over the last tour I did (or as I call it
"October"), it's only on tour that I have to set an alarm and get up early.
Not at all what I thought my grown-up rock-n-roll dreams would look like.

I'll be getting up early because I'll be doing workshops in addition to the
gigs. Saturday in San Antonio, Sunday in Houston and Monday in Dallas. I'll
send out details about those in a separate email later today or tomorrow.

One last thing.

Today is election day. VOTE. Politicians of any stripe hate high voter
turnout, they don't want you to be engaged. Go find the candidate you hate
the least and vote, it really does matter.

Okay, that's all. See you out there.


"Now I know what a dulcimer is supposed to sound like" —Jake Shimabukuro

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