[ From Butch Ross ] August tour starts now! (well friday) NY, NJ, PA, OH, IN, MD and um OH again.

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Wed Jul 30 13:50:02 EDT 2014

Not a lot of news this time, but a lot of great shows.

As always, first the dates.

Fri-Sun, Aug 1-3, all day and all night (no really)
Falcon Ridge Folk Festival
Dodd's Farm, Hillsdale, NY

Sunday, Aug 3, 7:00 PM
House concert @ G's Spot
Ridgefield Park, NJ
Suggested Donation $15

Monday, Aug 4, 7:30 PM
Grace United Church of Christ in Lancaster, Pa
Donations suggested - Workshop at 5pm

Tuesday - Aug 5, 5:30 PM
Rock n Roll Dulcimer Workshop with Buckeye Strings Dulcimer Club
Mt. Carmel Baptist Church - Kenwood, OH
Two workshops: Rock-n-roll chord progressions and Rhythms of Rock with a
mini concert in between. Plus we'll learn a Sam Cooke song!
$20 for one or $35 for both
Contact Vickey Sasser - vjsuc79 at fuse.net if you'd like to attend

Thursday - Aug 7, 2014 7pm
Workshop and concert at the Corydon Dulcimer Club
Harrison County Community Foundation Bldg.
1523 Foundation Way
Corydon, Indiana (United States) 47112
$25 for all.

Friday - Aug 8, 2014 6:00 PM
House Concert at Toya and Gary's place
Hagerstown, MD
Suggested donation $10

Saturday - Aug 9, 2014 8:00 PM
Taffy's of Eaton
123 main st.
Eaton, OH
Pass the hat, jam session afterwards!

Sunday - Aug 10, 2014 - 5:30
House Concert
Wellington Reservation
535 Jones Road
Wellington, OH
Pass the hat
Light dinner served

Well it’s August again and that means it’s time for me to head north.
Chattanooga is amazing 10 months out of the year, but one of the months it
ain’t is this one. But I’m also getting to get back to some of my favorite
places, as well as a few new one. Hope to see you a one of them.

Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.
This is not a gig per se, but a chance to catch up with old friends, relax
a bit and hear a ton of great music (and most of it won’t be on the main
stage) It’s been ten years since I last went up there, and I’m really
looking forward to it (after the initial 15 hour [!] drive that is)

G-Spot House Concert
Gandharva Earl Sauls is a Jazz bassist in Teaneck New Jersey who host’s
concerts out of his home. He also has a grand piano in his living room,
come watch me discover I’m not as good at something as I think I am!

Concert at Grace United Church of Christ in Lancaster, Pa
I get to Pennsylvania very rarely, and to Amish country even more
infrequently. It’s a Monday, but it’s an early show, I promise you won’t be
too tried at work on Tuesday.
Also teaching a workshop (form tune to arrangement) beforehand at 5pm

Rock n Roll Dulcimer Workshop with Buckeye Strings Dulcimer Club
Teaching the Roots of Rock AND a Sam Cooke song, this’ll be a blast!

Workshop and concert at the Corydon Dulcimer Club
Back to in Indiana, teaching a workshop and then playing afterwards.
Contact Russ Emery if you just want to attend the show.

House Concert at Toya and Gary's place
It’s always so kind of Toya and Gary to invite me into their home, and it’s
always a good time. And if this is a little far away for you, remember that
this is a very early show!

Taffy's of Eaton.
It’s Taffy’s, and until you’ve been it’s hard to describe, but once you
have there’s no need to explain. J I always look forward to the amazing

House Concert at the Gwinn’s

Steve and Linda are far better to me than I deserve, and they love to cook!
There’s far more than one good reason to make it to this show.

Not a whole lot of announce-able news this time, but that doesn’t mean
there’s not lots going on! Watch this space for some cool stuff coming this

C-ya out there.

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