[ From Butch Ross ] Just a little Christmas tune for you all.

Butch Ross butch at butchross.com
Thu Dec 20 13:10:17 EST 2012

No shows to plug, no new stuff to sell. Yesterday, I posted a version of "O
Holy Night" that you might like. You can listen to it here:

Also, the two Christmas Card CDs can still be listened to, in their
entirety, for free, on my web site. There are links to that on the page

Of course, you can buy both cards as a digital download, but that ain't
what this email is about.

For the last four years I have made a meager living playing the dulcimer
and teaching you fine folks. It is not something that I could've done
without you, and I never forget that every day. So from the bottom of my
heart THANK YOU for allowing me to get up every morning and do the thing I
love. I owe you all big time.

Wishing you the happiest of Holidays to you and your family.


"Now I know what a dulcimer is supposed to sound like" —Jake Shimabukuro

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