[ From Butch Ross ] Flying North: Shows and workshops in PA, NJ, WV VA and the Nutmeg Dulcimer fest. And a couple of cool Chattanooga shows too.

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Mon Oct 3 13:34:39 EDT 2011

If you're in Chattanooga, just scroll down to the bottom.

Friday, Oct 7, 2011 - 7pm Trenton, NJ
Camp Marshall House Concert: Butch Ross and Adam Brodsky
RSVP Jimmy or Maggie ivymarsh at aol.com or (609) 443-0577
*This show may already be sold out.*

Saturday, Oct 8, 2011 Denville, NJ Private Function

Sunday. Oct 9, 2011 7pm - Ridgefield Park, NJ
G's Spot House Concert Series
RSVP 917 622-7869
*NYC, this is as close I'll be getting to you.
Monday, Oct 10, 2011 7:30 or so
The Grape Room Open Mic Featured Act
109 Grape St. Manayunk, Pa*
well, I'm in town.
Wed. Oct 12, 2011 Thomas, WV 8:00 - Free
The Purple Fiddle
21 East Ave. - Thomas, WV
*One of my favorite places to play, ever.*

Thurs. Oct 13, 2011 Davis, WV - private workshops in the afternoon
contact Doug Snapp for more information. (614)3113-6424

Fri. Oct 14th 9pm
Radio interview "Profiles in Folk" with Steve Winters
on WSHU-FM listen online at www.wshu.org
*I'm on for most of that hour.
F/S Oct 14-15, 2011 Milford, CT
Nutmeg Dulcimer Festival
Price varies, see website for details or call 203-661-0503

Sat. Oct 15, 2011 Milford, CT - 7pm $10
Nutmeg Dulcimer Festival Performer Concert
Mary Taylor United Methodist Church
168 Broad Street - Milford, Connecticut (United States) 06460
*This concert is open to the public*

Tuesday, Oct 17th - 7pm Free show (tips)
Baines Books
206 Main Street
Appomattox. VA

Whenever I get into my car and fire up the GPS, i says "Acquiring
Satellites." It's a phrase I love, and one that I think nicely sums up my
job. In the same way I knew I was a musician the moment i realized that I
would never learn everything there is to know about music, I know that my
career path will always be one of being a "new" artist, with new albums, new
towns, new fans, and even new countries. I have to, because an artist is
like a train, your audience ebbs and flows constantly getting on and off,
some folks are with you forever (thank you!) and some come and go. Others
(like a particular Marylander I met on this last tour) are just waiting for
you to get close enough to come see you again.

Which is why the Folkside Coffeehouse was so enjoyable to me. The CFMS has
been really good to me over the years, they were one of the first groups to
really embrace what I do and have been ardent supporters ever since. It was
great to end the tour at a place where I knew I didn't have to make a first
impression, where new stuff and deeper cuts would be repeated, and as I've
already said to some of you, I felt as comfortable there as I did standing
in my own living room (altho' if all those people were also in my living
room, that'd be um...a little awkward).

But also, the last tour was a wonderful hodge podge of new places, new
people and new situations, playing Appalachian tunes with Ken Kolodner,
reconnecting with old and new friends, and even meeting performers who I've
known electronically for years. I even had a great time at a conference.
Thanks to Toya for the rave house concert, the folks at Folkcraft for always
being so supportive, in fact everyone who came out to or works at JK's. I
won't be back on Oct. 5 as mentioned on my web site. But I will be the on
December 17th to do a Christmas Show.

Okay, enough about the past. It's north to the future!

*Friday*: Adam Brodsky was my roommate when we lived in Philly and if you've
ever watched Flight of the Conchords and wished they swore like they did on
the Osbournes then you'll have a pretty good idea of what it was like. Adam
is an old friend, a great songwriter and one of the most naturally gifted
entertainers I've ever met. When we get together we spend a lot of time
trying to make each other laugh, and trying to outdo each other with our
best too-clever-by-half songs. Seriously, it's unlike anything you've seen
me do (unless you've seen me do it with him) and it's going to be a blast.

*Saturday* is a private event, but if you know Joe and Mike then I'll
probably see you there.

Then on *Sunday* it's off to Ridgefield Park, NJ for my first time at a this
house concert series. This is as close to New York City as I've been in a
while, so if you can dare to leave town, I'd love to see you there. Asbury
Park, I'm looking at you too.

*Monday* I'm the featured act at the Grape Room's open mic. One of the early
rooms where I first cut my teeth (and one of the few that are still in
business). This is where I learned to play to an uninterested audience of
hipsters hellbent on talking all the way through your set. Also, where I
learned it's okay to ask for more guitar in the monitors. The Grape Room
isn't the same place it was when I was there, plus my old friend Steph host
the OM now. It'll be fun to be back, and to leave the next day.

*Wednesday* I'm back at the Purple Fiddle, and what can I say about this
place except that it's so quirky and friendly you can't help but love it.

*Thursday* Doug Snapp has rented a house in Davis, the next town over, and
I'll be teaching a couple of workshops during the day. If you can make the
show, hang around for the workshops.

*Friday* After checking in with Sam Edelston and the gang at *Nutmeg
Dulcimer Fest*, I'll be going two towns up to be on "profiles in folk" with
Steve Winters. I'm on for most of the 9 o'clock hour, and they stream it on
the web/ www.wshu.org

*Saturday* I'll be teaching all day at Nutmeg and performing in the teacher
concert that night. The concerts are open to the public. Also, Sam and I
have both been working on versions of Bohemian Rhapsody. So I suspect that
there'll be a surreal version of "dueling dulcimers" at some point.

Then *Tuesday* I'm breaking up the drive home with a stop by Baines Books in
Appomattox, VA mostly cuz it's just so pretty down there.

okay *Chattanooga*
On *Wednesday* I'll be playing lead electric guitar with the Amber Fults
Band at Rhythm and Brews starting around 9ish
Then on *Friday*, I'm opening for Bluegrass spoof-cover band The Cleverly's
at Rhythm and Brews.
I'll tell you more about that next week. In the meantime...

C-ya out there.


"Now I know what a dulcimer is supposed to sound like" —Jake Shimabukuro

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