[ From Butch Ross ] New Christmas CD, and how you can get one for FREE!

Butch Ross butch at butchross.com
Fri Nov 30 09:07:29 EST 2007

Some of you on this list (and a few well-meaning friends) have gently
chastised me about me not posting to my blogs and whatnot. But it’s
hard to post when you’re busy, and boy have I been busy! And it’s all
for you.

Since returning from Oberammergau, Germany in October (and indeed
before that even) I’ve been working on a Christmas CD. Now those of
you who have been on this list for a few years now will remember that
I actually made a Christmas CD in the fall of 2003. It was a low
budget affair, whose results were surprisingly pleasant. This year I
was blessed with a bit of free time and access to a wonderful studio,
so I figured I would “touch up” the original takes and maybe add a
new song or two.

Instead, I ended up completely revamping all ten songs, adding three
more and basically making a whole new album. One that I’m willing to
give to you, for free. More on that in a bit.

The record contains 13 traditional and not-so-traditional Christmas
instrumentals played on mountain dulcimer (along with other
instruments). As before, all I played all the instruments including
upright bass, guitar, banjo, electric dulcimer, and a Hungarian
mountain dulcimer called a Citera.

If you have the latest version of the Flash player, go to
Here you can hear the entire CD online, for free, no commitment (well
you have to stay on the page while it’s playing) and then if you like
it, you can do one-click online purchasing through the website.

Primarily, the CD is packaged as a Christmas card that inside says
“Wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons and hopes for a
wonderful new year.” On the front it says simply “Merry Christmas.”
But it is also available in a standard jewel case (for a few dollars
more) If you’d like a personalized version of the Card that’s
possible too, contact me at butch at butchross.com if you’re interested.

The Christmas card version is available for $10 (makes a great
Pollyanna) and the Jewel Case CD is $15. But it’s free to you on my
mailing list IF you send me your snail mail address (those of you who
bought one the first time can expect yours in the mail any day now).

Why would I do this?

There are two reasons, One: I kind of like the USPS, and I’m now
fortunate enough that at this point in my career I can send out
quarterly notices that have most (tho’ not all) of my gigs as well as
any other pertinent news, pictures and I dunno Sudoku maybe?

Two: I believe in the product. The original Christmas card idea was
very successful, it makes a great gift for those people who are not
your friends and family but you are still —via the office gift
exchange or whatever—obligated to buy some totem for, and it’s great
music for Christmas parties.

So I think that’s all I have to say about the Christmas CD. Again,
it’s $10 in the card form ($15 if you want a jewel case). You can
listen to the whole thing online at butchross.com/xmas.html and it’s
free to you if you send me an address. As my old buddy Alan James
used to say “keep those cards and letters coming.”

C-ya out there.


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