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Butch Ross butch at butchross.com
Mon Jul 24 09:34:02 EDT 2006

Well, it’s been a pretty good summer for the girl and I. We’ve been  
playing a lot of gigs as a duo, and in-between doing engaging stuff  
like planning the wedding and house shopping(!!!) But before we  
retreat to the north to finalize the big gig, I wanted to invite you  
out to our last (and second-largest) show of the summer.

Kentucky Music Weekend
07/28-29/2006 07:00 PM
Iroquois Amphitheater,
Louisville, KY
With John Gauge, Zoe Speaks, The Juggernaut Jug Band, the Reel World  
String Band, Kentucky Standard band, Lou and Peter Berryman and JEAN  

Did I mention Jean Ritchie? Not to brag, but how cool is that?  
Anyway, it’s all thanks to Nancy Barker and the Kentucky Colonels  
(http://www.kycolonels.org/), who have put on this event for 31  
years, and it’s all Free!

Anyway, that’s all the news for now. Hope life is good for you in  
your part of the world.

C-ya out there.


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