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Butch Ross butch at butchross.com
Tue May 24 08:59:48 EDT 2005

Hello all:

Just sitting here looking over my list of things to do, 'fore the beautiful
miss Burns and I head off to Ireland. Summer is in full swing and I swear
I'm as busy as I was during the end of the semester. Mostly the weekends
have been spent playing and seeing great players. But I thought I'd just
take a second to give you all a recap of what's been going on.

First of all if you're going to be in Columbus, Ohio on Thursday, at 11am
Christie and I are playing a little lunchtime gig there.  The Inn at
Chestnut Hill is at 5055 Thompson Rd. Columbus OH 43230. This is a free
show, call 614-855-3700 and ask for Deirdre.

The dulcimer players news had a nice write up about "the Moonshiner's Atlas"
saying that I make "the old songs sound new and the new songs sound old"
which was the goal. You can read the whole thing on the "press" section of
the website.

Over in Ireland we will once again be playing several Camphill communities.
Camphill communities are organic farms run by people with mental
disabilities, and it is an incredible thing to see, www.camphill.org is the
web sit for this awesome organization. We don't advertise these shows as the
farms are usually located in really remote areas (which make them that much
cooler) and we really just play for the villagers (as they're called) but
some of the shows this time will be public performances, contact me if you
want to know which ones, and when,

Finally, I went up to Coshocton again to compete in the Mid-east Regional
Mountain dulcimer championships, I took second, tho' I really wanted to win,
I am very happy with the results there were so many amazing players I
considered myself lucky just to have made the second round. Now I really
gotta get my act together for Winfield.

C-ya out there.


The Moonshiner¹s Atlas
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