[ From Butchross ] Hello from the emerald Isle, new record information

Butch Ross butch at butchross.com
Wed Jul 14 12:27:28 EDT 2004

K, I'm not bragging or nothing. But I'm over here in Ireland recovering from
a great tour/vacation in the UK. Thought I'd take a minute of downtime and
let you know what's been going on.

Right now, I am looking at a finished master of my new record (hey, it's
only four years, why the big hurry you say) it's going to be called "the
Moonshiner's Atlas" and while it is officially my "dulcimer" album, I think
you'll find it's a lot closer to the guy you've been listening to all these
years (and asking "when are you gonna put a new record out")

So you can go to the recently re-designed web site http://butchross.com (I
told you those free MP3's we're going away) and listen to snippets of all
the tunes on the record.

Also, because of spam, I've had to move the mailing list to a new server.
This doesn't effect you in any way really. But it may explain why you've
gotten a bunch of subscription notices in the last few weeks.

With the new record comes a new tour. Gonna try and put a big one together,
but not until fall. I have a busy, busy summer

Hope you are having a great summer too.

C-ya out there.


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