[Coco] Temple of ROM II

Rick Adams rick at rickadams.org
Fri May 1 19:40:28 EDT 2020

"At some point you need to shoot the developers and ship the product." 
And so Temple of ROM II is now a thing.
A donation button is included; if you feel inclined to click it, please 
do, otherwise do not stress over it.
There are two new enemies, the sneaky ghost and the deadly skull. The 
dungeons, already quite large, are 45% larger. If you have a Coco3 the 
RGB colorset should be good to go, and if you have a Boomerang E2 board 
the game will use its cute little LED.
There is an online utility for generating your own game levels, if 
you're good at Photoshop.
The source code is available on Github.
I hope you enjoy it.

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