[Coco] AGD converted games - Pack #34 (Bearsden School Part 2)

Pere Serrat psergm at gmail.com
Fri Jul 12 04:14:58 EDT 2019

just wanted to tell you that the Pack #34 of converted AGD games has 
been released today
Contains FIVE more games created by children aged 10 from Bearsden 
Primary School
- Lost in Space by Matthew (C)2019
- Mark Gets Sucked In by Lucy (C)2019
- Mision On Mars by Jess, Emily & Zara (C)2019
- Platform Prodigy by Anees (C) 2019
- The Last Human by Bylan (C)2109
You will find more info about that release and download the disks here
Kees van Oss & Pere Serrat

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