[Coco] Dynamic Color News

Carlos Camacho idevgames at gmail.com
Thu May 31 22:58:45 EDT 2018

Much thanks to Steve Ostrom for sending me a box full of Dynamic Color
News. Just now, I uploaded ten manuals for Machine Language games that
Steve also included in the box to the CoCo archive.

Last night, I scanned an issue of Dynamic Color News (40 pages). Somehow, I
don't remember this newsletter yet subscribed to just about all the CoCo
mags in the day. The content is rather nice once you get passed the Dot
Matrix type.

Before I upload the first issue, I want to experiment some more with
highest PDF quality with lowest file sizes and conduct some OCRing as well.
Keep an eye on the CoCo archive for my progress.

The issues are very dear to Steve, as should be, so handling them each with
white gloves.

I am very honored to be apart of this project to save more of CoCo history;
thanks Steve!

Carlos Camacho
CoCo Store

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