[Coco] DriveWire Development - Updated

Nathan Byrd techy1 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 19:49:19 EDT 2018

Episode IV: A New Hope


Just wanted to drop a quick update to the list.  I've been making some
progress on the CoCo DriveWire development.  It's still early, so expect
much more at a later date.  Some good and bad news:

* The development environment has been updated, and build instructions
available for anyone on the website, greatly simplifying future development
* The RXTX java library has been replaced with jSerialComm, which has
better cross-platform support without needing any separate installation
* The project has been uploaded to GitHub, offering features like an Issue
tracker and enabling anybody to make Pull Requests to help with development.
* A new framework "Capsule" has been added, which will ultimately mean more
deployment options (as a service or native executable binaries for example)
in the future.

In Progress / Not so great:
* Although I was able to get the front-end building and running with the
new system, it will require quite a bit of effort to iron out all the
kinks.  For now I've only uploaded the Server, and will evaluate options
for the front-end soon
* This being super early release, there are bound to be bugs... lots, and
lots of bugs.  Please file Issues on GitHub though so I can track them down
and squash them.
* One downside of not having the UI ported means that if you want to play
with the new software, you'll need to grab the current DriveWire 4 release
and use it to generate a config.xml file, then point to it with the new

Call for help:

If you are a developer or just want to try it out, follow the build
instructions on the page and let me know if you run into any issues.  If
you are not a developer or just want to try it out, use the pre-built
"binary" jar on the Releases tab.

Project link:

Thanks in advance!

Nathan Byrd

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