[Coco] My Vcc project update.

Walter zambotti at iinet.net.au
Thu Jul 5 02:15:52 EDT 2018



I have just managed to convert the Vcc Visual Studio Project to Visual
Studio Code using the gcc/g++ compiler under mingw/msys64.


This is the first step to converting the Vcc code to be cross platform
compile'able between windows and Linux.


Here is a screen shot:




I have compiled the dynamic link libraries yet but that is the next step.


I also have a version compiled under Linux without mingw but this has all
Window dependencies commented out
(Direct X and Windows Forms).  So nothing can be seen yet.


The next step is to replace the directX/WinForms dependancies with SDL2/AGAR
(which are cross platform).


Also my 6309 emulator in x.86 asm is coming along nicely and the cpu
verification suite is accelerating development
with the emulator.


Keep On CoCo'n



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