[Coco] CoCoVGA release 0.89 - Software-configurable characters

Brendan Donahe brendan at polylith.com
Fri Apr 27 22:55:19 EDT 2018

*As announced at CoCoFEST last weekend, CoCoVGA FPGA 0.89 is now
available.  This release supports software-configurable characters in both
32-column and 64-column text modes.  A demo of this new feature was shown
during the Lightning Talks at CoCoFEST. Programming documentation has been
updated and example software is available.Users who have a USB Blaster JTAG
programmer may update their boards themselves.  Otherwise, contact me or
see me at another event (hopefully Tandy Assembly).List of links:Download
rev 0.89 and associated software: http://www.cocovga.com/downloads/
<http://www.cocovga.com/downloads/>Recent videos from CoCoFEST:
<http://www.cocovga.com/documentation/software-mode-control/>How to update
the FPGA: http://www.cocovga.com/documentation/updating-fpga/
<http://www.cocovga.com/documentation/updating-fpga/>Other recent
CoCoVGA-related news: http://www.cocovga.com/news/

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