[Coco] Doing a DRIVE OFF on a Dragon SDC

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this is a bit tricky.
In the Dragon, when we switch to have access to the floppy hardware
it automatically switches the ROM access too (/CTS and /SCS move
The way to overcome this is burning the very same ROM in the floppy
controllers ... or better
Run the DosPlus5.0Extended from RAM in MAP1, issuing
where 'n' is the bank where you have the DP50E
Now we have the DOS in RAM so no problems switching slots!
Assuming we want to copy from drive1 in the SDC to drive 2 (floppy)
we would do:
SDRIVE2,OFF so that physical FDC 2 gets enabled
BACKUP 1 TO 2,1,40    (origin, destination, sides, traks)
Remember that on the Dragon we could use disks 360k and 720k
which are 2 sides and last one 80 tracks

Hope it works weell for you

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Hi. How do I get access to the physical floppy drive while using the SDC in 
my Dragon. I want to make physical disks from the ‎virtual floppies using my 
SDC, MPI, and disk drives
The Drive OFF command doesn't seem to work with the DOSPLUS on the SDC
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