[Coco] Coco Swiss Army Knife for newbees / anyone..

Ron Delvaux wdelvaux at cox.net
Thu Apr 26 08:23:50 EDT 2018

A recent post to the Coco Facebook group (summarized)...


Me; I was thinking of someone making a program to test the processor 6809 /
6309 and the memory and the Gime version 

and if connected wether the MPI is upgraded and anything else that might be
cool all in one utility program...Sound cool?


Me; All this stuff in a Swiss Army Knife program


 <https://www.facebook.com/william.g.pierce?fref=gc&dti=2359462640> Bill
Pierce That's doable... code for each thing is already available... we just
need to add it all together under a menu system.


Me: It would be cool to have a dials and buttons look but I know its hard to
code all that. My chrysler dash has guages that peg and then go back to

when you first start it up....so cool maybe that would be a cool thing to
simulate some of the dials when you start the program!

And maybe ident the sound card chip in the MPI


 <https://www.facebook.com/william.g.pierce?fref=gc&dti=2359462640> Bill
Pierce Coco Swiss Army Knife
W/Dials, Gauges, and Buttons (graphic)

1. Coco Identifier - IDs the Coco as 1, 2, or 3
2. 6309 Check - Checks for the presence of a 6309 CPU
3. RAM Calculator - Displays amount of RAM available
4. RAM Check - Checks RAM for faulty chips
5. ROM Check - Checks for installed ROMs and versions
6. Check GIME - Checks the GIME version (86 or 87)
7. MPI Check - Checks for the presence of the MPI
8. MPI Upgrade Check - Checks if the MPI has been upgraded


Me:  That is the whole Idea....all in one instead of hunting down little one
liners here and there...hence / easy


What do you guys think??



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