[Coco] Making an Iron Forest Boot Disk

Guillaume Major guillaume.major at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 20:11:10 EDT 2018

Hi Henri,

Iron Forest is incompatible with SDC-DOS. You have to launch the game from 
Disk Basic. It is flashed in bank 1 of the Coco SDC. After mounting the Iron 
Forest directory, type RUN at 1 to start Disk Basic.


"rietveld rietveld"  a écrit dans le message de groupe de discussion : 
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Hi. Can anyone offer some advise on how to make a physical copy of Iron 
Forest by Diecom

I tried to make a Bootable Disk 1 using the download from the archive site. 
Defeated didn't seem to work properly. When I LOADM 'IRON.BIN' the coco just 
I tried using the SDC image of the game but it 'Hangs' at the title screen

Any advice?

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