[Coco] We NEED a Centralized Location..........

RWAP Software rich at rwapservices.co.uk
Tue Apr 24 15:16:10 EDT 2018

There is already one platform ideally suited to this - although I admit 
it is my own.

It is www.sellmyretro.com.

The site supports selling in different currencies, and fees are 
extremely low - no standard listing fees and only a 2.5% fee on the 
final sale price - compared to ebay who charge 10% of the sale price + 
10% of the shipping costs; on top of listing fees (or expensive shop 

The main issue is persuading people to list their items for sale on it 
because they tend to like to sell direct through their own websites and 
cannot generally cope with several outlets when only making items in 
small quantities.

Rich Mellor
RWAP Software

On 2018-04-24 20:08, Joe Schutts via Coco wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> What I am going to write here will probably ring true with MOST
> people, at least I hope so. While I would have loved to have gone to
> the LAST CoCo Fest, both time AND distance AND money (or lack thereof)
> made it impossible for me to attend. Oh well.
> The one thing that I have discovered is that there has been a BUNCH of
> NEW and/or improved items that have come out recently for the CoCo.
> Things like the NEW Atari Joystick Adapters, CoCo SDC Units (I love
> mine, by the way), NEW and Improved CoCo SDC Cases (I still need to
> get one), BOTH VGA and HDMI Adapters, NEW Multi-Pak Adapters (both 2
> port, 4 port AND 8 port kinds AND a NEW one that incorporates a RS-232
> Port as well as other improvements), NEW RS-232 Ports and many more
> items than I can think of here.
> The problem is that unless you are aware of (or have been following)
> these items (mostly before PRE-CoCo Fest) than you will probably be
> unaware of them now unless you have been following these items via
> this site.
> What I would like to see is, ONE LOCATION where everyone can go to, to
> either purchase (or even just to read up about NEW and/or improved and
> even updated items). This would allow us (the possibly potential
> buyer) to read all the updates and possibly see the features and/or
> even the price and/or anything else related to these items.
> Many times I have bookmarked an item I wanted to follow only to find
> that somehow I have lost the link or forgotten where the LINK was
> placed. By having just one site to go to, it would make it MUCH easier
> for all of us to stay better informed. Think of it sort of as a "ONE
> Anyway, this is just an idea I have. I welcome anyone to add any of
> their ideas (on how to improve on this idea) or possibly any other
> comments on this idea...
> Hope this helps...
> Take care everyone...
> Joe...

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