[Coco] Anyone try an 80x28 text screen on a CoCo3?

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Mon Apr 23 07:30:02 EDT 2018

L. Curtis Boyle wrote:
> I think the reason Tandy didn’t enable that mode is that, on quite a few TV’s (at the time) would run off the top and bottom of the screen, making both the first and twenty-with line unreadable. We had an option on NitrOS9 builds to enable the 225 scanlines on 80x25 (which added a blank scanline between each text line, giving better separation between characters vertically, making it much easier to read), but you pretty well needed an RGB monitor to see it properly. TV owners told us to put it back to 200 scanlines again; so we made it a flag at assembly time to let us generate both versions. (hmmm ... I think I will add this to the upcoming SS.GIP2 call so that one can change it on the fly).
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Think you are correct about TVs and composite monitors. They did not even do a good job on the 
default WIDTH80 screen and in some cases a WIDTH32.
Regards NitrOS-9, I have my descriptors set for pag=19 to get 25 text lines.

Because of the generosity of a Coco enthusiast, I have an adapter on my Coco3 so that the RGB output 
goes to a flat screen monitor and it is easy to read a full 28 text lines.


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