[Coco] Request: CoCoFest report on VITNO

Paulo Garcia paulo.astuser at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 23:47:40 EDT 2018


I am a very jealous person who couldn't go to CoCoFest, I confess!

Since I am trying to cope with my sadness, I thought it would be an
interesting reading for Vintage is The New Old readers a small "personal
takes" or a testimonial of the show.

As I wasn't there (not sure if I said that already :( ), I would depend
totally on you guys/gals to send something to make the article. My idea is
to gather from as many people as possible a 1-or-2-paragraph impression or
personal experience of the show a place them in one single article on the
site, giving the proper credit for each contribution, ofc. If you were
presenting a project or product, you are also welcome to talk about it.
Some photos would be great as well to illustrate the article.

If you guys are willing to do so, just answer this with your contribution
and when I have a reasonable number (tbd) I would post it. To keep the
momentum, it would be great if we had them all around next Wednesday, for

If someone here wants to write a more comprehensive article about the show,
just let me know!

I appreciate any help you guys can give, helping to spread the CoCo love
for the "other machines" enthusiasts.



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