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RETRO Innovations go4retro at go4retro.com
Sat Apr 21 09:06:55 EDT 2018

On 4/21/2018 5:35 AM, Neil Cherry wrote:
> Folks, with the exception of the mouse and keyboard, this is what a 
> Raspberry
> Pi Zero W is for. I use it on my Atari 800's. Yes it's overkill but 
> for about
> $20 I've got a device that attaches to the serial bus of the Atari and 
> provides
> drive emulation, network access, RS232, modem and printer.

The bit banger port on the Coco can indeed attach to a Zero for printer, 
serial (some), and disk (via Drivewire).  But, that's been the case for 
some time, just as it has been for the Atari.  I think Allen is noting 
that KB and mouse via USB is a new ask.


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