[Coco] Pre-CoCoFest Announcement: DwTerm - A RSDOS DriveWire 4 Terminal Program

Francis Swygert farna at att.net
Fri Apr 20 07:07:33 EDT 2018

The problem with using a CoCo for general e-mail or anything on the Internet is the lack of graphics support. Everything on the Internet, even plain old e-mail, has just got so graphics intensive that there is little you can do with just a text terminal. I used Delphi until the end because it sent e-mail as text only, and used my CoCo as much as possible. Occasionally I had to log in with my PC to see something though. That was around 1993-94. By 95-96 it was impractical to continue using the CoCo even for e-mail. While I was printing "the world of 68' micros" I continued using the CoCo to write and edit stories and code listings, then transferred to a PC for laying out and printing. Felt like I should use the CoCo in some aspect of the magazine! I also kept my address records on the CoCo and printed mailing labels. 

There isn't much you can do with a plain text terminal, regardless of platform. Some of the old mailing lists are still out there, and some text newsgroups. That's about it. So connecting with a CoCo is a very limited application, but some may find it entertaining if not real useful... and they may find something useful other than just nostalgia.  Frank Swygert
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