[Coco] Cocofest floorplan

Melanie and John Mark Mobley johnmarkmelanie at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 22:00:15 EDT 2018

We hope to get measurements of the rooms on Friday.
We need a better idea of the location of doors and power outlets.
Room D is not available to us this year.

Last year we had about 84 people turnout for CoCoFEST!
I am projecting a turnout of 90-110 people this year.
I think the CoCo Crew podcast, the CoCoTALK! Podcast, and the TRS-80 Trash Talk podcast are getting the word out.
I think social media is helping too.
I think Tandy Assembly is helping spread the word.

We do have a preliminary table locations and table assignments.
But I see errors on the floor plan do to false assumptions about door locations.
Contact Tony Podraza after Friday for information on locations of table assignments.
Contact page:

-John Mark Mobley

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