[Coco] On the road tomorrow thru Aug 25

Dennis Bathory-Kitsz bathory at maltedmedia.com
Mon Apr 9 12:05:48 EDT 2018

Hi admins,

I'm on the road from noon tomorrow through evening of August 25. My attention
to CoCo list matters will be minimal, as I'll be distracted: Four (!)
premieres in Reykjavík on Thursday, hiking in Languedoc-Roussillon starting
Saturday, and visiting musical colleagues in Amsterdam a week later.

So admins, your regular username/password will work.

Please remember these things:

1. Reject mail larger than 64K, but do check it first because the system is
set to strip HTML and thus will make ultimately shorter files.

2. Check *every* subscription request for real name (first/last) and email
address. If you can't find the combination online, reject the subscription
with this message:

"Your name/email combo do not come up in search per the sub instructions.
Avoiding smart bots. Please send a sentence about your CoCo interests to _your
email_ and I will sub you. Thanks! _your name_".

If you get a flippant or hostile response, just ignore them and don't sub
them. They'll be just as hostile on the list and you know where *that* goes.


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