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Hi Carlos.      Your work is amazing.   Especially the label replacement.   Have you considered offing a small seminar on this at cocofest.   I have done a few repaints but none look as good as yours.   I think a lot of us would benefit from your tips

Pls consider this request

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Correct, I needed to paint it as the silver case had lots of areas with the
black plastic showing and the top had tons of scratches. After buffing out
the scratches, I went with off white. Removed labels, painted, replaced
labels and then generated new port labels to stick on. The RF modulator was
shot as well. So placed a new one inside. (Running out of those... need a
new cheap source)

With CoCoFest coming, I didn't have time to drop in a melted keyboard and
bring it up to 64K. Shame.

This model along with three very clean CoCo 2s are on my eBay store under
Color Computer Store.



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