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Hi cocos,

We are trying to add to Vintage is The New Old a small list of selected
homebrew games released in the last few years. We don't want or plan to
create an extensive database since we alredy have colorcomputer archive for
example, but only some good examples so visitors of the site that don't
know anything about the CoCo could see some new things that are being made
for it.

I am trying to find the CoCo ones.

On top of my mind I came up with:

- Pop*Star Pilot
- Farhfall
- Forest of Doom

For the free ones, we gonna add the download file, but for the commercial
ones we will add the link to the place to buy it, but we also need some
screenshots, which seems harder than I thought because I don't own the

Do you guys know more games in that category, hopefully with some that are
free download?

As for the commercial ones like the 3 above, maybe someone who owns them
could send me 3 nice screenshots?

As an example of the info we need , here is the C64 list

Any help will be appreciated.



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