[Coco] CMOC C-like compiler now supports 32-bit arithmetic

Pierre Sarrazin sarrazip at sarrazip.com
Mon Oct 9 11:30:23 EDT 2017

Hi folks,

I have just published version 0.1.41 of CMOC, my C-like cross-compiler
for the CoCo's Disk Basic environment.

This version adds support for 32-bit arithmetic, i.e., the 'long' type.

This new feature seems stable, but as with the floating-point support,
users should expect bugs and missing corner cases. Bug reports are

There are also some improvements to the low-level optimizer (contributed
by Jamie Cho) and fixes for the 'float' support.

CMOC is available at the CMOC Home Page:


Pierre Sarrazin <sarrazip @ sarrazip . com>

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