[Coco] ESP8266 BBS setup

Michael Furman n6il at ocs.net
Mon Jul 31 21:37:54 EDT 2017


I was the one who did some investigation of the stock AT code that comes with the esp8266.  I found that the stock code is not usable for using with DriveWire at all.  I have my own custom esp8266 firmware that I have been working on that is a complete transparent bridge: you telnet to it and the bytes sent over wifi go to the coco, and whatever the coco sends goes back out the other direction. The stock firmware does not work this way, and in fact is really broken if you are expecting a transparent communication channel like this or any other modem would provide while it is connected.

IIRC RiBBS is a os-9 bbs system right? If that is the case it would be possible to write a custom esp8266 firmware that runs a mini DriveWire server on it that accepts incoming telnet connections and can open a /N virtual serial channel on the nitros9 side, or I guess a bbs would want to open multiple /N  ports and sit on them until someone connects, could be a solution there too.

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> On Jul 30, 2017, at 3:14 PM, Bill Nobel <b_nobel at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hey guys I’ve acquired a few extra ESP8266’s and decided to hook one up to the Coco 3.    I got the ESP8266 setup for 19,200 baud and I have it running & connecting to sites no problems.  But now that I having it going, I’ve gotten an inspiration.
> I would like to revive my old RiBBS BBS system and bring it back to life on the Coco 3 VIA telnet. Aside from port forwarding the router, what other things do I need to setup on the network.  I do have various systems I can configure if need be (Raspberry Pi, Mac, Linux & Windows machines) I also realize that I need to write a asm translation on the 3 for the incoming/outgoing packets on the 8266 in the system driver (due to the way the data is produced to the RS232 from the 8266 and vice versa).
> Thanks for any pointers.
> Bill Nobel
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