[Coco] FPGA VS Software Emulators

Salvador Garcia salvadorgarciav at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 27 16:38:42 EDT 2017

Thanks JIm! 
A long time ago, in an era far far away I worked with Xilinx and PALs. Really cool stuff, even back in the day. I want to get back into the fray, but other stuff is always on hand to distract me. Salvador

On Thursday, July 27, 2017, 1:26:01 PM CDT, RETRO Innovations <go4retro at go4retro.com> wrote:

On 7/26/2017 10:41 PM, Salvador Garcia via Coco wrote:
> Hi Brain,
> Was the Xilinx CPLD dev board that you bought something like this:
> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Xilinx-XC9572XL-AMS-CPLD-development-learning-board-test-board-4-programm-LED-/311567009196
> Thanks, Salvador
One and the same.  Make sure you get the xc95***xl, not the CoolRunner 
(CoolRunner are probably cooler toys, but they are not 5V tolerant)

And, the programmer I bought was like:



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