[Coco] FPGA VS Software Emulators

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Actually, it would be cool to hear interviews from both Garry Becker, and Roger Taylor too (the authors of the CoCoFPGA and “CoCo on a Chip” respectively) … 


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Going to throw out the question one last time before I move on, but I need
to lock in a topic for this weeks' show and love to have some of the juicy
bits we've been talking about here part of a verbal discussion for a global
audience, is anybody interested in joining this week's CoCo TALK to discuss
hardware and software emulation, FPGA, DEC/NANO CoCo implementations, etc?

Need to hear from you via email and get you added as a Skype contact ahead
of time, and would also like to do at least Skype test with interested
parties before going live.

My email is ogStevieStrow at gmail.com my Skype ID is ogStevieStrow, if I
don't get any confirmations by Friday, I'll move on.

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