[Coco] How to check the amount of memory installed?

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Hi Michael,
Here is a Disk Extended Color Basic disk image of an upgraded version of Robert Gault's original MEMTEST program called MEMTST3.BIN that now will test every memory location in a 64K, 512KB and a 2MB machine.  I know this is the memory test program you will ever need for any of your CoCos!  Have fun figuring out what CoCo you have.  
It sounds like you have a CoCo 1 with a D board.  The D board has a jumper for 4K / 16K of ram memory so the fact that yours has that big mess of wires means you have at least 32KB of ram memory.  It took that big mess of wires to upgrade the D motherboard up to 32KB back in the day.  These first upgrades to the memory were 32KB only if memory serves.  You may or may not have 64KB of ram memory. This latest version of Robert Gault's MEMTEST program called MEMTST3.BIN will definitely tell you how much actual memory your latest Coco acquisition definitely has.  Do let us all know what you find and please document the restoration of this Coco 1.  I for one would like to see the restoration process you choose.
I have a D board in my CoCo 1 also.  The top half of the case has a BIG hole in it.  I'd like to find another CoCo 1 case to replace it.  If anyone has a spare CoCo 1 case that they don't want or at least the top half of one then PLEASE let me know.  Thanks a bunch.  Michael, I pray all goes well with your restoration.  Take care my friends.

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I have a CoCo 1 it was originally a 4k machine, it has been modified but all memory chips are ceramic type chips with no markings whatsoever(not even on the bottom) alot of soldered wire jumpers and such are in the vicinity of the ram. I am certain the ram is upgraded. There were also mods to the case, including a cutout for a db25 connector (whatever was there is gone) and sloppy repairs to the keyboard cable. I would like to restore this one as It will give me a 1, 1b,2 and 3. I would like to confirm it is functional before I do a restoration. It does turn on and the keyboard works (it was disconnected when it arrived) basically got it for free with a purchase of 2 disk controllers, which both work.
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