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Check out this link to information about Motorola's EXORciser system. The manual was printed in 1975.  I'm pretty sure there was a 6800 assembler that ran on it pretty early on if not from the beginning. Smoke Signals and SWTPC made some pretty cool 6800 and then 6809 stuff back in the 70s.  I used to drool over the SWTPC catalogs back then but their systems were way out of my price range.



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> You'd think that whatever tool Microsoft used to write the CoCo ROMs could have been used to write EDTASM. And the very similar MC6800 had been designed some four years earlier than the 6809. So whatever tools were in place for it could have been adapted.  In fact, once you have a core cross-assembler written it probably isn't too difficult to adapt it to many different CPUs.  A good example of this is the CSC assembler written by Bud Pass. There are at least 11 different cross-assemblers for 8-bit chips from Motorola, RCA, Intel, and Zilog that all derive from the same core. I believe there was only one file out of the four or five source files that actually changed to determine the personality of the assembler. And the program was written in C so it is easily ported to different platforms.  I now have the 6809 and 6502 assemblers running under both DOS and OS9 and I'm going to attempt to get them running under Linux too.
> Dave
> On Jul 12, 2017, at 5:57 PM, Tony Cappellini <cappy2112 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> I dare all to make an assembler in machine code, then report to us the
>>>> sameness... ;)
>>>> brett
>> Does anyone know who wrote EDTASM?
>> It sure would be interesing to hear how they awrote it, and what kind of
>> development
>> platform was used. I think it woul dbe painsful as hell writign an
>> assembler in machine language. But, remember before assmblers existed that
>> was the only choice.
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