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Bill Pierce ooogalapasooo at aol.com
Wed Jul 5 11:52:39 EDT 2017

Ok NitrOS9 buffs, I need help with something in BootMajik.

BootMajik (if you didn't know) will be a "semi-automated" OS9Boot creation system for users to create their OS9Boot disks from a database of NitrOS9 modules using a point-n-click GUI system under my MShell GUI. I have been working on this project off and on for about 2 years and I've gotten to the point that to go any further in the programming, I need the OS9Boot modules database lists to be completed.

I have most of the databases for each machine type and level created, but the lists are in ASCII (text). For memory reasons, the program needs the numerical data to be in binary (except text entries such as names). This requires retyping each list so that all numerical data is in binary in the file.

I have written an editor to create new database lists which puts the data in the proper form needed by the program by answering simple prompts.
What I need is some help typing in the database lists into the editor. The editor gives specific prompts for the needed data, the user reads the ASCII list (PC text file), then inputs the data as shown.

Before jumping the gun and volunteering, know these points...
I need someone(s) that know their way around NitrOS9... I am not giving NitrOS9 lessons to get this done!!
The data entry HAS to be ACCURATE. A single digit error in the database can send BootMajik off into wonderland and debugging the error would be a nightmare as I would be searching for a program error when the error is actully in the database.
The databases are HUGE!! This means there's a LOT of typing involved as each database contains well over 100 records (almost 200) and each record has about 33 elements (some single digit, others are text names)!
There are databases for each type of machine and level... Coco1, 2, 2b, 3, Dragon, & Tano Dragon, not to mention Coco3FPGA, each in 6809 & 6309. All together, about 20 databases, some of which can just be copied to a new name and not typed in (i.e. Coco3 6809 & Coco3 6309, etc). Probably about 8 or 9 databases actually need to be typed in.

You will need to have your Coco near your PC as the database lists are much too large to be listed on a Coco and you need to be able to see both screens at once.
Personally, I use a PC with dual monitors with VCC running on one monitor, and Wordpad on the other which gives me a side-by-side view of both the editor and the list. The editor will run in NitrOS9 L2 on VCC or Mame (Coco3 only) as well as a real Coco3. If a Coco3 is used, you will need to know how to enter special characters in NitrOS9, particularly, the underscore ("_"). In VCC or Mame, using the OS9 (or "Natural") style keyboard input, this is not an issue as input matches the PC keyboard layout.

Most of all, you will need tons of patience.... I wrote the editor so that you can stop at any time and continue later, but you must know exactly where you stopped at in the list and continue accordingly.
Also, it is helpfull (but not required) to have knowledge of "DEd" to view your database and correct minor mistakes without retyping the complete list.

As a warning, as I progress with the rest of the program, I may find the database format needs changing (I hope not) and needs typing again.

Anyone interested in lending a hand at this, email me privately at "ooogalapasooo at aol.com" and I will send you a zip of the NitrOS9 disk with the editor and the PC text database listing and all the info you need to create the file(s). This will not be a "bootable" disk, but just a disk with the program on it to run on your current NitrOS9 system. Since these lists are so large, a hard drive system is best.

I have to make one last check through the database lists for my own accuracy, so it may be a few days before I get the list to you.

Thanks :-)



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