[Coco] How to compile MAME on a WinXP x32 system??

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Mon Jul 3 22:31:19 EDT 2017

Ron Klein wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> I'll reach out to you when I get home from vacation.  I set up the MingW32
> environment and can compile 32 or 64bit executables using Windows 7.  Lets
> see if we can get you set up under Windows XP.
> This is where I originally started when setting up my build environment:
> http://mamedev.org/tools/
> -Ron

Thanks Ron,

The problem is that the Tools have changed over time. The current batch don't work with WinXP and 
give the following error with required programs.
" The procedure entry point CancelSynchrousIo could not be located in the dynamic link library 

I can compile older versions of MESS with Mingw. I think the last setup was version 4.9.1. The 
current MAME needs at least gcc 5.3.0 .


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