[Coco] CoCoFEST Questions and Answers

John Mark Mobley johnmarkmelanie at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 10:51:31 EST 2017

I am working to an article for the newsletter.
It is currently in the form of questions and answers regarding the CoCoFEST!
Perhaps you have an idea of what people need to know to prepare for the

Q) What should I bring to the CoCoFEST?
A1) Extension chords, power strips, and tape to hold it down.
A2) Charge the battery in your camera and bring it.
A3) Stuff to donate to the auction.
A4) Lots of change to pay for the toll road charges.
A5) An ice scraper for your car's windshield.
A6) Musical instruments.
A7) CoCo hardware that is need of repair.

Q) How do I reserve time for a talk or presentation?
A1) http://www.glensideccc.com/contact/index.shtml
A2) Contact John Linville

Q) How do I reserve a room at the hotel?
A1) http://www.glensideccc.com/cocofest/index.shtml
A2) Ask for the CoCoFEST discount

Q) How do I reserve some booth space at the CoCoFEST?

Q) What are my options for gluten free food?
A) Jimmy John's sells a lettuce wrap.

Q) What should I ware?
A1) An Hawaiian shirt and blue jeans would be fine.
A2) A CoCoFEST shirt and blue jeans is fine.

Q) How do I get from the airport to the hotel?
A) A rent-a-car, cab, limo, or perhaps a shuttle bus.

-John Mark Mobley

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