[Coco] FW: [Non-DoD Source] Coco Digest, Vol 173, Issue 31

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Wed Feb 15 15:07:06 EST 2017

Taylor, Phillip L CIV wrote:
> A long time ago in the 90's I wrote a small word process and the X and Y are
> used as pointers and the A register is used to load the value and used with
> other instructions like bne and beq.
> I do not see how in the examples you can use a as a pointer for the location.


You persist in saying that regA is a pointer when it is not. The OS-9 system calls discussed in 
earlier messages in this thread (I$GetStt, I$SetStt, I$Open, I$Create) state that regX is used as a 
pointer to the ascii file name and regA is returned with a path number to that file.
A path number is not a pointer in the sense you are assuming. It is the number of a conduit created 
by OS-9 when you open or create a file.


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