[Coco] Syscall to get attr file permissions

Taylor, Phillip L CIV Phillip.L.Taylor at uscg.mil
Tue Feb 14 14:34:11 EST 2017

Taylor, Phillip L CIV wrote:
 Does anyone have a example of the syscall to get the attr file
 permissions on a file or a directory?


Your best bet probably is to study the source code for attr in the NitrOS-9 
project. The code is not very simple but once a file is opened, SS.FD & 
I$GetStt read the attributes while SS.FD & I$SetStt set the attributes. That's 
over simplification so good luck. :)


I read the manual but I am unable to figure out how to point A to the file 
name /dd/cmds/test.  I learn better if I can see some example code please?
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