[Coco] BUG with rbsuper and tc3 drivers

Tim Fadden t.fadden at cox.net
Mon Feb 13 14:09:08 EST 2017

On 2/13/2017 1:03 AM, Tormod Volden wrote:
>> This is bit 4 in IT.TYP. The format program will use this to decide
>> whether to query the disk itself or to use the descriptor geometry.
>> This is explained in the SuperDriver User Manual.
> Another good source of information:
> http://nitros9.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Random_Block_File_Manager#SuperDesc_-_Super_Driver_Device_Descriptor
> Tormod
Thanks for the Doc!  A bit complicated for a non programer, but I do 
understand what it means. The difficult part is translating it to what 
dmode shows.

id did try

dmode /sd4 dns=4  with all the latest drivers, and it did work, although I realize there is more to it than that.
As to the document you pointed me to, I have a couple of questions.
Is there an easier way to set up scsi descriptors with something other than dmode? It is no simple task to translating it translate the document to what dmode shows.






Hard Disk: 1 = hard disk



Fudge LSN0: 0 = OS-9 disk, 1 = non-OS-9 disk






Drive Size Query (1 = yes, 0 = no)






Sector Size (0 = 256, 1 = 512, 2 = 1024, 3 = 2048)

|IT.DNS| (offset $16) for SCSI Low Level Driver






SCSI Logical Unit Number of drive (0-7) (ignored if bit 3 is 1)



Turbo Mode: 1 = use accelerated handshaking, 0 = standard



HDB-DOS Partition Flag



SCSI ID of the drive or controller (0-7)

|IT.DNS| (offset $16) for IDE Low Level Driver

and on the above two the both show the same offset ie. ID.DNS  how do I 
know which one to go by?

there are settings on both of them I want set. bit 4 on the top I want 0 
so it will not query the drive size, and bit 4 on the bottom I want bit 
1 so it will use turbo mode. that makes a problem.....  also at the 
bottom, sector size, and scsi ID settings cause a problem.

I  will read through ALL of the docs to see If I can come up with the 
answers.  Guess I will have to become a programmer instead of just a 
user.  he he he  It does kinda bother me asking others for help as I 
know they probably have better things to do.

Many thanks,

Tim Fadden
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