[Coco] KenTon RGB-DOS floppy issue

Allen Huffman alsplace at pobox.com
Sat Feb 11 23:50:38 EST 2017

> On Feb 11, 2017, at 9:53 PM, Arthur Flexser <flexser at fiu.edu> wrote:
> In that case, RGBDOS would need to know which slot to find the disk
> controller in. Is slot 4 the one that the manual says the controller must
> reside in?  Or is there something in RGBDOS that must be configured to tell
> it which slot to look for the controller in?

The manual says you can have the ROM in the FD controller or the KenTon controller, but you have to move the MPI slot to wherever the ROM is.

I used it like that for many years. But after many years in storage, the MPI, floppy or KenTon could be having issues. NitrOS-9 definitely has issues (or so it seems) with the LR/KT SCSI drivers. They tend to lock up often on me, while RGB-DOS seems content to format 256 HD “drives” with no issues.

		— A

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