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Taylor, Phillip L CIV Phillip.L.Taylor at uscg.mil
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Just a quick updated with the project Os9Budget I am about half way done
with the project. Here is quick preview of the documentation.

OS9Budget C 2017 By Phillip L. Taylor Jr.


Os9Budget is a full finical package that runs under Nitro-Os9 that will
allow the users to record their pay checks, expenses, deposits and export
the information to a text file. Os9Budget is being released as Freeware and
may be distributed freely.


Software is provided on an "AS IS" basis, without warranty of any kind,
including without limitation the warranties of merchantability, fitness for
a particular purpose and non-infringement. The entire risk as to the quality
and performance of the Software is borne by you. Should the Software prove
defective, you and not VENDOR assume the entire cost of any service and

Technical Support:

if you need technical assistance then you will need to submit a helpdesk
ticket or you can telnet to Mysticbb.dynu.com on port 2300 and post a
message in our Coco message base. Please do not post you technical issues in
the discussion area on our web site. 

Hardware requirements

VCC Emulator and DriveWire is optional.
 Nitro-Os9 operating system.
 1024 mb of memory.
 2 MB of free disk space.
 /DD or /H0) hard drive descriptor installed
 80 Track floppy device installed in order to acess the program.


First you will need to download the VCC Coco emulator and the hard drive
image file. The easiest way is to login on my bbs system and telnet to
Mysticbbs.dynu.com on port 2300. The Nitro OS9 Starter Kit is located in the
coco download area. After you download the file, run the exe file, insert
.vhd image file in slot #1 in DriveWire and include the h0 image file in the
VCC Coco emulator. 

Create a new file Os9Budget.cfg in your /dd or /h0 rooot directory and put
the full path of your data files. For example /dd/data/ do not forget to add
the back slash at the end of the path. 

Now merge all the executable file located that is located in your /d0/cmds
directory and you need to include Inkey and runb to Os9Buget. Budget should
be the first file included in the merge statement. 

Before you can use the program you will need to select config on the menu
option and select the option to create the data files.

Navigating around the program:

The main menu will allow you to access the Config, Payee, Bill and the
Report Menus. Config is used to change your program settings, create &
delete the data files, archieve your data files access the payee categories
& transaction type menus; payee menu allows you to add or make modifications
to the payee records. The bill menu allows you to add and make modifications
to your bill records. From the report menu will you be able to view and
export your information to text files. You will need to add a new payee type
before you can add a new payee. You should add at least one transaction type
and put Payday for in the description field, E in the Transaction Type and
you can leave the account number blank if you wish. For the transaction type
E is for deposits and D is used for debits or to pay bills.

The payee categories allows you to setup your monthly budget and the program
will show in the reports if you have exceeded or if you below your monthly

Adding duplicated records:

Duplicated tranasction type records can be added if you include a different
account number for for each record. When adding a new bill Os9Budget will
retrieve the records from the tranaction type and the payee categories and
store them in the bill records. This option was included for example if you
make several visits to get blood work done the provider may use a different
account number for each visit. Even some of the hospital use the same
billing methodes.
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