[Coco] Dumping CoCo RAM images to disk

Brendan Donahe brendan at polylith.com
Mon Feb 6 21:45:06 EST 2017

What is the simplest way to go about dumping a CoCo RAM image to disk?  In
particular, for some work I'm doing with CoCoVGA, I'd like to dump out some
video RAM images from commercial software so that I can experiment with
them and possibly embed segments into a demo.

It is very straightforward to do this in BASIC, but I can't exactly <break>
out of a binary to SAVEM RAM to disk.

It doesn't look like VCC has a way to do this, either.

The Color Computer Archive has some disk utilities, but without
documentation, it's not clear how to use them, and besides, I expect the
video data for most games to be compressed in some way.

Any ideas or recommendations?


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