[Coco] BUG with rbsuper and tc3 drivers

Tim Fadden t.fadden at cox.net
Mon Feb 6 17:15:28 EST 2017

I have been having problems getting scsi disks working with the latest 
nitros9 I downloaded from the nightlies Feb 2nd.

I have two disks attached one set to ID 0, and one set to ID 4
OK so I made a boot floppy with sdc drivers, sdsuper/tc3 drivers, and 
floppy controller drivers with floppy as /dd.

It all boots up fine.

Now when doing a dir listing on /sd0 through /sd6 the system comes back 
with the listing of target 0!
all the descriptors show their respective target  ie drv=0, drv=1, etc.
so either tc3 driver, or sbdriver is not handling the scsi ID at all.
I have multiple partitions on the drive , so next i did a dmode on it to 
change the offset, IE

dmode /so wpc=0F ofs=D302

low and behold, there is the dir from my second partition.

so this leads me to believe that the offset is being passed correctly.

I have not tried to write to them!  ha ha.   So for anyone that has just 
one drive attached all would seem to be working perfectly, but with 
multiple drives it is a no-go.

Is any one savvy enough to figure out where the scsi ID is being 
egnored?  I would certainly appreciate it.


P.S. on a side not I was reading the superdriver docs, saying it can 
handle up to 4 gig, is this drive size, or partition size? I am guessing 
drive.  although I have an 18 gig attached with 4 partitions that seem 
to be working correctly. Might just be because I never put enough data 
on them to wack out the next partition.

Tim Fadden
"Hey Schmidt, don't forget about the six P's.
Proper Preparation Prevents Piss-Poor Performance!"

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