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Tim Fadden t.fadden at cox.net
Fri Feb 3 20:39:49 EST 2017

Oh, something else I did, i made a boot with the floppy as /DD  this 
came up all the way.  I can still Not access the scsi disk.  not even a 
light flicker.

On 2/3/2017 6:24 PM, Tim Fadden wrote:
> Programmers.
> I am using SuperDriver 2.1 for a large scsi drive for nitros9 only. 
> the floppy I originally bought was ver. 2.1.  I created 4 partitions 
> on a scsi disk, and this version has been working great for several 
> years.
> Ok,
> So I have been attempting to upgrade to the nightly download of nitros9.
> I copied over the specific descriptors I made originally from the 2.1 
> disk, using the latest drivers with the distribution.
> I get a complete boot, but it hangs when accessing /dd, which is my 
> first partition on the HD.
> So, I made the same  exact kernel using the rbsuper.dr and lltc3.dr 
> drivers off of the 2.1 release, and it works again.
> I will try using the new rbsuper with the older lltc3, and visa-versa 
> to see if it can be narrowed down to one or the other.
> Is any one else using the latest nitros9 build with a tc3?
> I pulled the the nitros9 from the nightlies on the 10tn.  But I think 
> this has been a problem longer than that because I had the same issue 
> with several earlier versions years ago, not months.
> I have no way to compile anything other than on the coco, so I am 
> reliant on the downloadables.
> For now I will use the latest build with the two older driver 
> versions.   All else works great including sdc and drivewire. although 
> the sdc/nitros9 does wig out at times, that's for another email! HA HA HA
> Any help is appreciated.

Tim Fadden
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